Unexpected Surprising. And yet, as if he had always been there. 

A kitchen that is integrated into any life and that stands out in a pleasant way for its unique character. Wood, metal, ceramic, warm, cold, smooth, floating. It is difficult to describe with words, but it can be understood and felt intuitively. A kitchen with which you can do many things and that will do much with you.

People want to remain flexible 

Move, change their orientation. + VENOVO is worth everything, and even opens new possibilities. It is a solitary very easy to recognize, a sculpture that will enrich the environment in the home. With a side panel or a cabinet with the same high-level aesthetics, a new living space is created.




A kitchen that purists will love with its simple lines, but with great effect. 

The surfaces without handles turn the body into a sculpture and make it look like a cast. The horizontal and vertical lines segment the free-design rear wall and provide functionality and structure. A timeless composition of style and quiet.

Modern life is already complicated enough. It is good that your own space is consciously minimalist. Nothing will interrupt the flow of your creativity, the path to yourself, the space that has been consciously created to be with yourself. «When I am at home, I do not disconnect: I concentrate, I consciously live what I do. It is a very special kind of dedication to myself. Actually, the greatest luxury one can enjoy. Time with oneself ».


A good kitchen unites. 

Not only the people who use it, but the environment. A house is made of a house, a house, a home. In a good kitchen there are not only dishes, pans and cutlery, but also personal items. It is more than a place of work, it is part of a production process. It is a center, a point of reference, an indication to those who move in it. 

Here there is room for everything and everyone. To have ideas and discard them. To plan a day and then do something totally different. To put forty post-its in a cookbook and in the end return to cook your favorite dish. An open kitchen also means being able to maintain mental openness.

Specific References