2006 is the year in which the adventure of Cubo Design begins, a furniture and kitchen production center located in Abruzzo. The company carries out its activities for various brands, including Miton. Its presence on the market is in fact also articulated through other brands, such as TLK Kitchens and Urban BVA, and other private labels, for which Cubo Design produces different models of kitchens. Thanks to the acquisition of the Binova brand, historic excellence in the sector, Cubo Design takes another step forward, gaining a prominent position also in the high-end segment.


The market is growing at an increasingly fast pace and meeting the needs of the public becomes an increasingly challenging objective. The identity of Cubo Design undergoes a substantial evolution, to anticipate trends and give concrete answers to the sector. The result is a strong consolidation of the company's production capacity, through the creation of a new generation production center, which uses the knowledge of the past to project itself into the future, without mediation.


2016 has the flavor of a real epochal step for Cubo Design. A radical reorganization of its main assets is implemented, through an interpretation of the future inspired by efficiency, effectiveness and respect for the environment, which find concreteness in the new center thanks to fully integrated technical, IT and energy solutions: Factory-One is born. A futuristic structure, in which the production of kitchens is faced and solved with intelligent systems, through the total integration between processes and human control. A system of excellence, in which the concept of industry 4.0 is implemented in a complete way, becoming not only the driving force of the Cubo Design business, but also opportunities for companies in the sector, which thanks to Factory-One can outsource their own products, with costs,